2016 Language (FULL TEXT)

The final version of MCLR that is currently collecting signatures is Version 7 – a one page version of MCLR

Full text of Version 7 help collect signatures here: http://mclr.us/print


To ensure the best Title & Summary to use in the 2016 election, MCLR has now split into three separate versions.

Version 3 is the continuance of our main document and is considered the “long version”

Full text of Version 3.3: (HTML) (Word Doc) (PDF) (Comparison 2.7.10 vs 3.3)

Version 4 is a condensed version of MCLR, removing over 10 pages of language, but keeping the intent of MCLR intact.

Full text of Version 4.3: (HTML) (Word Doc) (PDF)

Version 5 is a 1 page version of MCLR!

Full text of Version 5.5: (HTML) (Word Doc) (PDF)

All version have been filed with the Attorney General’s office as of Friday, 10/16/2015