MCLR Version 3, 4, and 5 update

All MCLR Supporters,

Our sincere thanks to everyone for working together on MCLR to reach this point. This is truly a work of the people and everyone receiving this letter has clearly contributed invaluably to the end result.

Through our open source process we have compiled the most comprehensive community based document ever created for statewide Marijuana regulations. Everyone associated with MCLR should feel pride in their contribution, big or small, to this extraordinary effort.

Process deadlines, complex collaborative overtures, and detailed funding negotiations made these final few weeks of the filing process incredibly hectic. As a result, the details for plans moving forward and the short time allowed for everything to be completed require some explanations. This is unavoidably complex so please read these details carefully:

MCLR 2016 Version 3 is planned for posting Wednesday, 10/14. Comments will continue to be accepted at our website until midnight, Tuesday, 10/13.

MCLR 2016 Version 3 retains the same core values and concepts that were developed since the beginning. There will be no concessions or compromises for any one person or group, regardless of their financial commitment to our effort. MCLR 2016 Version 3 will contain all the same basic structure as Version 2.

The time constraints of deadlines and the submission of possible competing filings have determined the need be flexible and act quickly as necessary. The MCLR team has focused on the best strategies for our effort as we adapt to daily input and changes. We must often react quickly and decisively in order to remain at the highest level in this effort. To do otherwise would be a major disservice to everyone involved. We are all committed to giving MCLR 2016 the best chance for success.

In support of all MCLR stakeholders, we will also be filing MCLR 2016 Version 4 and MCLR 2016 Version 5. Based on advice from legal and legislative analysts, we are preparing critical and strategic options for our supporters. To protect the many years of effort and commitment and the expectations of so many Californians who have worked on MCLR, we feel an obligation to consider all the possibilities and prepare accordingly. With the filing of three alternative versions, we remain strategically nimble and able to react according to any further developments and maneuverings. The drafts of Versions 4 and 5 are also planned for release on Wednesday, 10/14.

Why release Version 3 on Wednesday, 10/14?
The tremendous amount of input we have received has required careful detailed analysis of how it is to be addressed within the body of MCLR. Significant time was needed to ensure we reviewed all comments received and properly blended them as necessary into the document.

Why is this time frame so short?
Completion of the Title & Summary and Fiscal Analysis of each of the submitted initiatives could require 65 days from the date of filing. Until these two crucial documents are available, we will not be able to determine the spin that the Attorney General has put upon any single version, and the impact on the voters likely to result. Also, by delaying further, we risk negative impact on our overall signature gathering process.

Why are we filing Version 4 and 5?
We are responding to the repeated criticism that MCLR is too many pages and excessively detailed. We have requested that our primary legal counsel condense the language while preserving our principles and intent into a significantly shorter Version 4. We provided direction that this concentrated version must simplify without loss of the vision of our stakeholders.

Version 5 will be filed to provide MCLR supporters with another option. This version will be a last and final effort to be inclusive and consolidating within the larger reform community.

In summary, we again thank everyone for their hard work and support. The MCLR Steering Committee took on the nearly impossible task of ensuring the needs of all California patients and supporters of adult use were recognized in our effort. We thank each of them for their dedication to others and to the future of California.

This is just one phase of the journey for marijuana policy reform. We look forward to the next phase as we work to turn our ideas into reality.

Thanks again to the entire Team and Good Luck to Everyone!

John Lee
Dave Hodges
Grand Daddy Mike Grafton

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